Glazed Apples and Bananas / Глазирани јаболка и банани

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица)
Glazed Apples and Bananas

1 medium sized sweet apple
2 ripe bananas
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp coffee
1 Tbsp unrefined cane sugar
1 Tbsp vegan butter
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Biscuity Beer Rolls / Пиварки

(Serves 17) / (за 17 лица)

This is how we started our day today. It was a wonderful sunny morning and while we had our coffee and biscuity beer rolls in our garden, a hungry furry friend came along looking for some food. Prince got really scared of him, but then he became curious (cats, go figure!). We fed our friend with some food that bf’s parents had forgotten in the fridge right before they left. So the friend was in luck because none of the food that we have with us he would have liked. After we were all set and left the bread in our brand new bread maker we went for a stroll by the lake. I am making a special post with a gallery of all the pics we made today, cause they are all amazing. We made a bunch of family selfies, Prince being the star of the show, of course. And while we were laughing and posing in front of the camera a swan swam in near the shore. I have to admit, I have Continue reading