Potato and Dried Chili Peppers Side / Макало од суви пиперки и компир

(Serves 4) / (за 4 лица)


♫♪ Loves the theater but she never runs in there late ♪♫♪. Rings a bell? Well I’m NOT going to be that lady from one of my favorite songs if I don’t write this extremely fast 🙂

4-5 large potatoes
5 dried large chili peppers
1 medium sized leek (white part only)
3 Tbsp unrefined oil Continue reading


Fried Seitan and Potato Salad / Пржен сејтан со компир салата

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица)

Believe it or not this is my first time eating seitan at home after becoming vegan. This was from my lunch today. I had to do some chores and didn’t have much time to prepare something more elaborate, so here’s a quick and easy recipe.

In the beginning of December me an my boyfriend of 6 years moved to our own little apartment (temporarily, until we finish the weekend hill house we love very much). He is the one that taught me how to cook actually, and now he says I am even better than him :). We both have our jobs and you can only imagine how much work does a new condo take. However, we both know we have to Continue reading