Potato Burgers / Ќофтиња од компири

(Yields 20 burgers) / (излегуваат 20 ќофтиња) Ingredients 1 kg potatoes 150 g olives 4-5 scallions 3 large sized garlic cloves 1 cup polenta 2 Tbsp flax seed, freshly ground Salt Turmeric Mixed pepper, freshly ground Sumac Unrefined grape-seed oil

Falafel / Фалафел

(Yields 20 burgers) / (за 20 ќофтиња) I’m a philologist, so it’s only natural that I waste c.a. half an hour trying to find the right spelling of the word ‘falafel’. Even though Oxford dics list it primarily as ‘felafel’ with ‘falafel’ as an alternate spelling, Arabs beg to differ. They don’t have the short…