The Vegan Raspberry Milkshake / Вегански милкшејк од малини

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица)

Raspberry Milkshake
Summers in Macedonia, and especially in Skopje, have become scorching hot. And what better way to cool off than get away to a nice sandy beach? What, no beach in sight? No problem, a friend’s pool will do too 🙂 But, if you want to stay all nice and cool while keeping your perfect summer body in check, steer clear from ice creams and make best friends with its majesty – the all-plant milkshake – tasty, yet healthy, what more can you ask for? 🙂
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Fruity Muffins / Овошни мафини

(Serves 8) / (за 8 лица)
Fruit Muffins (2)

I have to say that I got the inspiration for this recipe from a rather (un)friendly medium when it comes to animals – a cooking channel. But, at the same time it gives me great pleasure because I’m able to turn these boring unhealthy recipes into fresh vegan versions full of life, and compassionate to life (which is the most important thing actually). I am making another post with the original recipe, only veganized, of course 🙂 This here is my twist on it. Hope you like it!
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