Vegan Borscht / Посен боршт

(Makes about 3 l) / (излегува околу 3 л)
111. Vegan Borscht

This Easter weekend Vegan365Kitchen visited the amazing Ikar Hut. We had so much fun and met really cool people there. This recipe was cooked by an original Russian 🙂 so it can’t get cooler than that, right? By the way, 20+ people were eating this and every single one of them said it was the best soup/stew they’ve tasted in their life. Worth a try, right?
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Red Lentil Soup / Супа од црвена леќа

(Makes approx. 1.5 l) / (за приближно 1,5 л)
106. Red Lentil Soup(Photo credit:

1 handful red lentils
3 medium sized scallions
1 handful frozen mix (peas, carrot, corn)
Unrefined grape-seed oil
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Spinach Soup / Супа од спанаќ

(Makes approx. 1.5 l) / (излегува околу 1,5 л)
105. Spinach Soup

You know Popeye would’ve loved this, right? 🙂 I bet so would children, even the spinach-hating ones (like myself when I was younger). It’s a nice new way of incorporating boring ole spinach into daily meals, so give it a try.

250 g boiled spinach
2 scallions
1 small new potato
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Avocado Cream Soup / Крем супа од авокадо

(Serves 4) / (за 4 лица) Avocado Cream Soup Hectic days and million stuff to do can get the best of us sometimes and products are just not as fresh as we’d like them to be when we cook `em. But there is virtually no soup a squeeze of fresh lemon and a dash of freshly ground pepper cannot fix 🙂 So what we did yesterday after coming back from kung fu practice was gather all of the dying veggies in our fridge and blending them with the avocado I was fantasizing making some decadent dish with, though my wishes will have to be put on hold for now. The soup turned out to be terrific and decadent in its own right so I didn’t lose much 🙂 plus bf loves a good soup.

1 cup diced daikon (white radish)
4 medium sized carrots
1 cup Brussels sprouts
1 small sized horseradish
1 large sized avocado
Olive oil
Mixed pepper, freshly ground
Other spices (optional)

Wash, peel, and chop the daikon, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and horseradish. Put them in a pot of boiling salty water. Simmer for about 10 minutes or until all the ingredients turn soft. Wash, peel, and slice the avocado, then add it to the boiled mixture. Remove pot from stove and drain (but do not discard the liquid). Place all the ingredients in a food processor (or in a large bowl if using a hand blender like I did). Process until smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste (also other spices you like). Add some of the boiling water if the mixture is too thick for you, if not just serve in soup bowls, garnished with fresh parsley and drizzled with olive oil. Wonderful!

One love,
Преголемата зафатеност и многуте обврски понекогаш може толку многу да ни го скратат слободното време, што немаме ни минута да погледнеме убаво што сѐ имаме во фрижидерот. И така, работите што со толку голем ентузијазам сме ги купиле на крај не се така свежи како што сме се надевале дека ќе бидат кога ќе ги готвиме. Сепак, среќна околност е што не постои супа на светов што неколку капки лимон и прстофат свежо сомелен бибер не може да ја вратат во живот 🙂 Затоа вчера кога се вративме од тренинг ги собравме сите заборавени зеленчуци од фрижидер и ги изблендиравме заедно со авокадото за кое имав толку голема желба да го претворам во некој неодолив рецепт. Моите желби, сепак, ќе мора да почекаат. Супата излезе неверојатна и самата по себе неодолива, така што не изгубив многу 🙂 освен тоа М обожава супи и чорби.

1 шолја исечкан дајкон
4 средно големи моркови
1 шолја прокељ
1 малечок рен (голем колку показалец)
1 големо авокадо
Маслиново масло
Шарен бибер, свежо измелен
Други зачини (по желба)

Измијте ги, излупете ги и исечкајте ги дајконот, морковите, прокељот и ренот. Ставете ги во тенџере со зовриена солена вода и варете ги околу десет минути, односно додека не омекнат. Измијте го, излупете го и исечкајте го авокадото па додајте го во тенџерето со другите продукти. Тргнете го тенџерето од рингла, исцедете ја водата без да ја фрлите и ставете ги сите состојки во блендер (јас користев рачен блендер). Миксирајте додека не добиете хомогена смеса. Додајте сол и бибер по вкус (а ако сакате и други зачини). Во случај супата да ви е прегуста додадете си од водата во која се вареа зеленчуците. Сервирајте во длабока чинија наросено со свеж магдонос и попрскано со маслиново масло. Прекрасно!

Со љубов,

The Green Soup / Зелената супа

(Serves 5) / (за 5 лица)

DSCF9103I should like all of nature’s fruits, since it’s all I eat, but some have a really bad smell, and are really hard to love :). Broccoli is one of those. It’s  super healthy, deep green color that can detox your body in seconds, enough vitamin D to set you for life and some have even declared it world’s healthiest food. But it doesn’t have a nice smell. I recently found a way to cook it and it tastes great. Continue reading

Carrot Cream Soup / Крем супа од моркови

(Serves 5) / (за 5 лица)
Hello everyone,

My name is Elena, lover of all things natural and this is my first day in the Vegan365Kitchen so I hope you like it as much as I do. And since it’s a first I want to share a recipe that’s very close to my heart. The first time I tried this I was on a ship in Portugal. The day was sunny and the captain young and handsome, and I was on an amazing reporting trip with fellow ecologists so every time I eat my cream carrot soup it takes me back to that day. Because for me food is nourishment, but also emotion. Continue reading

Broccoli and Ginger Potage / Потаж од брокула и ѓумбир

(Serves 6) / (за 6 лица)


Hello friends,
I hope you’re having a great day. Unfortunately I’ve got some bad news…bf got a cold yesterday and today I started feeling kind of uneasy too. That didn’t prevent me from heading straight for the kitchen after work and preparing this exquisite potage – one of my favorite types of soup.

This was again one of those first-let’s-see-what’s-left-in-the-fridge moments. So I took some of the potatoes and Shiitake mushrooms we made this Sunday when we were having lunch at my parents’ (however, if you don’t have any leftovers like these just follow the recipe). I know I’ve already said this but I REALLY hate having to eat the same meal few days in a row. That is why recycling is my thing. And recycling food is what I like best, be it a quick meal for Continue reading