Tabbouleh Salad / Салата „Табуле“

(Serves 4 / За 4 лица) It’s summer…you’re hot…you’re hungry, but you’re out of ideas?! Just turn to the Arab cuisine for inspiration. It’s abundant in highly energizing and healthy meal options. And this is one option I tend to exploit the most 🙂

Vegan Borscht / Посен боршт

(Makes about 3 l) / (излегува околу 3 л) This Easter weekend Vegan365Kitchen visited the amazing Ikar Hut. We had so much fun and met really cool people there. This recipe was cooked by an original Russian 🙂 so it can’t get cooler than that, right? By the way, 20+ people were eating this and every…

Red Lentil Soup / Супа од црвена леќа

(Makes approx. 1.5 l) / (за приближно 1,5 л) (Photo credit: Ingredients 1 handful red lentils 3 medium sized scallions 1 handful frozen mix (peas, carrot, corn) Unrefined grape-seed oil Salt

Spinach Soup / Супа од спанаќ

(Makes approx. 1.5 l) / (излегува околу 1,5 л) You know Popeye would’ve loved this, right? 🙂 I bet so would children, even the spinach-hating ones (like myself when I was younger). It’s a nice new way of incorporating boring ole spinach into daily meals, so give it a try. Ingredients 250 g boiled spinach…

Baba Ghanoush / Баба гануш

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица) Ingredients 1 medium sized eggplant 1 large sized garlic clove 1/2 small lemon, squeezed 1 Tbsp tahini *Tahini has a bit overwhelming taste, so if you’re using it for the first time, try adding 1/2 Tbsp first, and then add the other 1/2 later if you still want it. Salt

Hot Polenta / Лута палента

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица) Ingredients 250 g (1 2/3 cup) polenta 5 cups water 1/3 cup peperoncini pickling liquid 3-4 large sized peperoncini, chopped

Spring Tagliatelle / Пролетни јуфки

(Serves 4) / (за 4 лица) I don’t think I’ve done this before – mixing cooked and raw ingredients to make the most awesome spring meal. And now that I realize this I don’t know why it is so. This is so easy to make, and so full of nutrients. Explosive colors and equally amazing taste. Enjoy!

Potato Burgers / Ќофтиња од компири

(Yields 20 burgers) / (излегуваат 20 ќофтиња) Ingredients 1 kg potatoes 150 g olives 4-5 scallions 3 large sized garlic cloves 1 cup polenta 2 Tbsp flax seed, freshly ground Salt Turmeric Mixed pepper, freshly ground Sumac Unrefined grape-seed oil

Beer Baked Potatoes / Компири печени со пиво

(Serves 4) / (за 4 лица) These were a big hit when I made them last summer at the IKAR Hut. Too bad I got burnt from the tray and ended up spilling half of them on the kitchen floor, but hey, I’ve already admitted I’m a disaster waiting to happen when it comes to cooking….

Olive Hummus / Хумус со маслинки

(Yields one 600 ml jar) / (излегува една тегла од 600 мл) Today, March 20th, is the American Meatout Day. It’s an internationally observed day when the public is exposed to to the joys and benefits of a plant-based diet, while promoting the availability and selection alternatives to meat and dairy in mainstream grocery stores, restaurants,…

Toasted Shiitake / Тостирани шитаке

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица) Shiitake, my fav mushroom! This is the first time I’m preparing it like this. If you’re out of time and you want to eat something healthy, yet tasty, I highly recommend this. Combine it with regular veggie salad, potato salad, pasta..the possibilities are endless, it just goes so well with…

Spinach Risotto / Ризото со спанаќ

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица) Another one of my favorites for this spring. I love combining spinach with carbs. It’s a new thing for me. I hated spinach when I was younger, but ever since I became a vegetarian (and later a vegan) – I let in all those stuff that I kept at…

Šopska (Salad) / Шопска (салата)

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица) I’m fully aware that this recipe is not going to be interesting for my Macedonian readers, because I don’t think there is a Macedonian in the world that doesn’t know how to make it, but compromises have to be made 🙂

Fattoush / Фатуш

(Serves 1) / (за 1 лице) Oh_my_God! Do I love this salad!!! Me and bf were running late for a book promotion tonight, but still somehow I managed to lick the bowl clean (and yes, I mean it literally, are you judging?). So I’d say this salad is finger-licking good, but that wouldn’t do it…

Falafel / Фалафел

(Yields 20 burgers) / (за 20 ќофтиња) I’m a philologist, so it’s only natural that I waste c.a. half an hour trying to find the right spelling of the word ‘falafel’. Even though Oxford dics list it primarily as ‘felafel’ with ‘falafel’ as an alternate spelling, Arabs beg to differ. They don’t have the short…

Avocado Cream Soup / Крем супа од авокадо

(Serves 4) / (за 4 лица) Hectic days and million stuff to do can get the best of us sometimes and products are just not as fresh as we’d like them to be when we cook `em. But there is virtually no soup a squeeze of fresh lemon and a dash of freshly ground pepper cannot…

Kale Chips / Чипс од кељ

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица) Had the today me approached the old me from 10 years ago and said that there will come a day when I am going to spend most of my ‘free’ time in the kitchen, old me would have lit up a cigarette, laid back into the comfortable armchair and laughed…

Mushroom Triangles/ Триаголници со печурки

Macedonian food is really tasty, handmade pies and other pastry is really heaven. But, you need skills to hand roll the dough. And the thing is both my BF and I adore pastry, so we looked through some old recipes and discovered these really easy triangles that you can fill with anything you want. They…

Celery Salad / Салата од целер

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица) This is one of my favorite salads. Did you notice I  l o v e  celery? And mixing it with fruit? Well, this salad is both tasty and healthy. Plus you know how vegan food is guilt-free, right? Ingredients 2 large sized celery roots *If you are using the…