Vegan Tiramisu / Веганско тирамису

(Serves 3) / (За 3 лица) As you all know, I’m an activist and founder of an Animal and Environment Protection Association, and at the end of last month (September 27 to be more precise) we organized the first ever Vegan Picnic in Macedonia. It was called Skopje VeggiePicnic. Despite the cloudy weather (not that good a…

Vegan Nutella / Веганска нутела

Spoonfull of sinful heaven anyone? I swear you die a little after each taste, so without further ado, I give you its majesty – The Vegan Nutella – creamy and ridiculously tasty. Oh, and don’t forget to pass it on and share the joy!

Spring Tagliatelle / Пролетни јуфки

(Serves 4) / (за 4 лица) I don’t think I’ve done this before – mixing cooked and raw ingredients to make the most awesome spring meal. And now that I realize this I don’t know why it is so. This is so easy to make, and so full of nutrients. Explosive colors and equally amazing taste. Enjoy!

Easy Creamy Risotto / Лесно кремаво рижото

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица) It’s not a big secret that I can’t really cook a lot of things that require expert cooking skills, but some time ago I got frustrated that I can’t cook a risotto, and I love rice as an ingredient and I eat it really often. God bless Italians, coz…

Pizza Colorata / Разнобојна пица

(Serves 4) / (за 4 лица) The Italian name is a tribute to the original recipe for this pizza dough a friend of mine suggested I make. When you have absolutely no idea what to eat – by all means – eat pizza. Pizza is always a good choice and the varieties are endless. So every…