Tangerine Peel Tea/ Чај од лушпа од мандарини

(Yields 1) / (за 1 лице)

DSCF9144Tangerines are still in season and they are tasty and their vibrant color just keeps me alive. I eat a lot of tangerines all the time, and i used to dry all the peels to make my own essential oil coz i though that if my parents always told me that you can not eat those, they must be poisonous. But one day i thought, those beautiful orange peels must have a lot of nutrients inside, so i searched around and i found out that the tangerine peel actually has more nutrients than the juice. It has 20 times more antioxidants than the tangerine fruit, helps lower bad cholesterol and it’s great for indigestion. And it’s not poisonous 🙂 So here’s how to make tangerine peel tea to make use of all those nutrients. Continue reading