Waldorf Salad (With a Twist) / Волдорф салата (со мали измени)


(Serves 4) / (за 4 лица)

I know I’ve already told you Waldorf Salad’s one of my fav. But a Waldorf in the middle of summer with no grapes in sight, that’s tricky isn’t it? So, as always, I decided to put my thinking cap on and find a replacement. My first instinct was raisins but it was too easy and kinda far away from the succulent fruit I wouldn’t want to deprive my taste buds of. Then it came to me – the midsummer staple – cherries! I loved how the cherries filled in, the salad was an absolute hit. This is what you’ll need to recreate the magic.
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Semi-Waldorf Salad / Полу-Волдорф салата

(Serves 1) / (за 1 лице)

Ever since I discovered Waldorf, I can’t think of a salad I’ve enjoyed eating more. I guess it’s the unique mix of flavors that does it for me. I’m all for trying out new stuff and I’m oh-so happy when I really like some new dish. It goes right inside my memory bank and it’s stored there for rainy days (i.e. when I run out of lunch ideas). And if I like it very veeeery much, then I obsessively make it over and over again until I’m fed up with it, and then it goes to my memory bank. Talk about a vicious cycle!

As I said in my post from yesterday I officially have a cold, so I was feeling really bad yesterday, not feeling at all like going out and getting stuff to make the original Waldorf, so I just grabbed whatever was there in the pantry and everything I thought I needed to prepare myself the ultimate vitamin bomb. This is my version of the salad and it’s not Continue reading