Fried Broccoli with Sesame Seeds / Пржена брокула со сусам

(Serves 2) / (за 2 лица)
Fried Broccoli and Seasame Seeds

1 large broccoli bunch
4 Tbsp sesame seeds
Unrefined grape-seed oil, about 2-3 Tbsp
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The Green Soup / Зелената супа

(Serves 5) / (за 5 лица)

DSCF9103I should like all of nature’s fruits, since it’s all I eat, but some have a really bad smell, and are really hard to love :). Broccoli is one of those. It’s  super healthy, deep green color that can detox your body in seconds, enough vitamin D to set you for life and some have even declared it world’s healthiest food. But it doesn’t have a nice smell. I recently found a way to cook it and it tastes great. Continue reading