Spaghetti Bolognese / Шпагети болоњезе

(Serves 2) / (За 2 лица) A dish that will fool even the most hardcore cynics 😉 Ingredients250 g vegan spaghetti1 finely chopped garlic clove250 g Vegan365Kitchen veggieburger mix2 Tbsp tomato purée200 ml tomato sauceUnrefined oilSalt & pepper DirectionsHeat the oil on medium heat (it should be approximately 1 cm deep), add the garlic clove,…

Spring Tagliatelle / Пролетни јуфки

(Serves 4) / (за 4 лица) I don’t think I’ve done this before – mixing cooked and raw ingredients to make the most awesome spring meal. And now that I realize this I don’t know why it is so. This is so easy to make, and so full of nutrients. Explosive colors and equally amazing taste. Enjoy!